Welcome to Drive 4 Five

Welcome Islanders fans, to the beginning of Drive 4 Five. Our goal is to bring you the best Isles’ news, rumors, reports, and much more throughout the offseason, regular season, (and hopefully the postseason). Listed below will be a few main features that will be seen on the site:

An Eye Catching Name: Drive 4 Five has so much meaning in one simple phrase. We will cover the Islanders run for a fifth cup in the most comprehensive and complete way possible. Our drive is a journey we will all take together, where we fans and writers are equal. We purposely chose to represent 4 as a number instead of writing Drive for Five. The 4 represents the number of Cups the Islanders have currently, and pays tribute to the best dynasty in sports history.

A Beautiful Logo: Enjoy a hand crafted logo with 4 Stanley Cups, and the outline of a fifth, representing our Drive 4 Five!

-Pregame and Postgame reports: We will be bringing you pregame and postgame reports after every single postseason game and for one game every month which will be the Drive 4 Five Game of the Month. The pregame reports will take a look into the Isles’ starting lineup, both teams’ starting goaltenders, hot players from both teams, etc. The postgame reports will include the final score and a quick recap of the game.

-Breaking News: We will bring you breaking news as soon as it happens, while updating you as details emerge.

-Drive 4 Five Podcast (radio show coming soon!): The Drive 4 Five Podcast will dive into the hottest topics surrounding the Isles, including trade rumors, injuries, standings, etc. Some podcasts may include special guests, so you surely don’t want to miss those!

-Editorials: These articles will give the author’s opinion on the hottest topics surrounding the Islanders and the NHL.

-Case Studies: Case studies will present and explain two relatively equal sides of some of the biggest debates around the Islanders.

-Polls: We will give polls as a way to keep the fans active. We will not use an outside polling app; we will do them right from our website with a custom Drive 4 Five polling software.

-Memorabilia Store: The website will feature a store in which readers can purchase Islanders’ memorabilia, such as hockey cards, signed pucks, etc.

We are proud to bring you this brand new website, made for the fans, by the fans. We hope you enjoy, and as always LETS GO ISLANDERS!

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