Behind the Scenes of the New York Islanders

This post was written by contributor Kyle Sinett.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for the New York Islanders? I was honored to be a volunteer for the Islanders, and I’ll tell you what it’s like behind the scenes.

Most recently, I helped out at the Centennial Tour for the NHL’s one-hundredth anniversary at the Islanders practice facility in East Meadow, NY. I was in charge of the inflatable obstacle course, which was different than my previous experience of selling calendars benefiting the North Shore Animal League and raffle tickets benefiting the New York Islanders Children’s Foundation. The job itself isn’t the most exciting, but I’m not there for that: I do it because I love having the opportunity to work for my favorite team. Also, I would like to work for them full-time when I am older, so it is always worthwhile to get an understanding of how a company works. It is also nice that whenever I work, I always see people I know because Islanders fans are a tight-knit community.

One of the best parts of volunteering is when I go on break. I enjoy talking to my fellow volunteers, interns, workers, etc. We discuss hockey (mainly the Isles), the state of the team, the hope of them moving, among others. Our break room overlooks the practice ice, so I always watch the team play. Whenever there is an open practice or a rookie game, Jon Ledecky is there, and he knows me by my first name! We always talk about hockey and he definitely has a mind for the game. Talking to him makes me hopeful for the future of the Islanders.

Working for my hometown team had always been a dream of mine and getting to experience it first hand is a surreal moment for me. Hopefully, I have the chance to work for them in the near future.

After reading this, hopefully no matter how things go this year with our arena, John Tavares, or the Islanders’ play of the ice, fans will be thankful for everything the Islanders community is. In my job, I see fans and people who really make the team what it is (like Ledecky and Ann Rina, the Director of Community Relations) and I see the best fanbase in hockey.

Today we rocked the barn, and it was a great showing of team unity and how great the Islanders family is.


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