Hiring Lou Lamoriello is a Must for the Isles

The New York Islanders have a really good opportunity to boost their front office. Lou Lamoriello was stripped of his GM title in Toronto and named a Senior Advisor. It has been reported that Lamoriello would much rather a GM job somewhere else. Enter the New York Islanders.

As reported by many, the Isles seem to have the best chance to land the legendary Lou Lamoriello, due to his “friendship” with Garth Snow and the fact that his son, Chris Lamoriello, is the assistant GM. The Isles and Lamoriello have both been very quiet in this process, but many sources seem to believe that they have talked behind the scenes. Although it sounds great to bring in someone like Lamoriello, the question remains: What will be done with Garth Snow?

Given that Garth and Lou reportedly have a good relationship, it seems as though he will not be leaving. It is possible that Garth keeps his president role, while giving Lamoriello the GM title, or it could be the other way around. There has been no indications from the Islanders on what they would do with Lamoriello and Snow, but Co-Owner Jon Ledecky must figure something out that works for both of them.

Not only does hiring Lou Lamoriello instantly improve the front office, it also could help in the push to re-sign John Tavares. When seeing that joke of a press conference between Jon Ledecky, Doug Weight, and Garth Snow at the end of the year, John Tavares must’ve been laughing and booking his plane ticket out of New York. Hiring Lamoriello shows him that Jon Ledecky and the Islanders care about winning, and will no longer tolerate the incompetence of Garth Snow to run the team alone. There is no downside as far as the John Tavares situation goes to hiring Lamoriello.

In my opinion, this must be done. It is rare for an opportunity like this to present itself, and when it does, you have to take advantage of it. Lou Lamoriello would love to come to the Islanders and get a chance to work with his son. There is no doubt in my mind that Lamoriello would come to the Isles if given the opportunity. Jon Ledecky (and Scott Malkin if he remembers that he owns a hockey team): This is a must, so please get it done.

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