Kyle Okposo Opens Up About His Inner-Demons

In an very personal piece written by Tim Graham, Kyle Okposo detailed a tragic story that led to months where Okposo and his family feared for his life.

“Kyle Okposo couldn’t form full sentences. He was incoherent, confused, paranoid. He strained to recognize loved ones. He thought staffers around his bedside were there to hurt him.”

Okposo hit his head in practice in a seemingly routine play, but it led to a domino effect for the elite-winger. Memories from his past resurfaced, and Okposo went through a manic phase where he contemplated suicide and asked to be put in a coma because he was feeling so much pain.

Thankfully, Okposo’s family, specifically his wife Danielle and sister Kendra, helped him through this terrible time. A long time Islander, Okposo formed a brotherhood with ex-Islanders John Tavares and Matt Moulson, and they too were vital in getting Okposo back on his feet.

Just like Robin Lehner did in an exclusive piece for the Athletic, Okposo is opening up to tell his stories to the masses.

Kyle, thank you for your perseverance. You are a hero to us all.

I encourage you to read the article that originally appeared on the Athletic. The link is below:

Back from the abyss: Kyle Okposo opens up about the darkest days of his life.


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