Isles Debut New Third Jerseys

Finally, as most Islanders fans were thinking, after months of speculation, theorizing, designing, and media leaks, Adidas and the NHL revealed the Islanders’ third jerseys for the 2018-2019 season.  Throughout the summer, the league and its primary clothing partner have been creating new jerseys for many teams in the league.  Some of the notable jerseys that fans saw over the summer included the Coyotes’ Kachina throwback jersey, the Hurricanes’ storm flag jersey, and the Devils’ green striped sweater.

The new third jersey

Early in the summer, many Isles fans were thinking that the team would return to the Fisherman jersey that the team wore in the mid 90’s, especially after they saw many teams recycling past jerseys as their new third uniforms.  Instead, the Isles jersey was branded as “a nod to the past [and] ready for the future.”

The team will don the crest that made its debut in the 2014 NHL Stadium Series against the Rangers.  The sleek, chrome logo sits in the middle of a royal blue jersey underneath a white shoulder section.  The sleeves carry the blue color and are centered by one orange and one white stripe.

The Stadium Series Jersey shown side by side with the new third jersey

The collar of the jersey has a nice touch.  The outside reads “Islanders” in all caps while the inside features a graphic of Long Island, cementing the team’s base on Long Island, especially before they’re about to move back to Long Island for the second half of the season.

The jersey pays homage to the original Islanders jerseys by filling in the numbers on the shoulders and back in orange, as they were during the team’s opening season and its final home game in the old Coliseum in 2015.

The Islanders jerseys from the final regular season game at the old Coliseum

Many Islanders are excited for the jersey.  Mat Barzal, who saw the jersey before it was released, said “The jerseys look great, adidas did a good job.  I’m excited to wear them.”  Matt Martin found the back collar appealing.  “I like the tab on the back of Long Island, it’s pretty cool,” he said.  “Fans won’t be able to see it when we’re wearing it, but it’s a nice little feature for us to see when we’re putting it on.”

Anders Lee admired the orange numbers.  “These small little touches add some character to the jersey.  That’s what’s fun about these thirds is that you can have something different, untraditional.”

The entire team seems thrilled by the new jerseys and many fans can’t wait to see them once the team hits the ice in only a few days.

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