Week Preview 10/4-10/10


The 2018-19 season has arrived from the Islanders!

Tonight, the Islanders travel to Carolina to play Calvin de Haan and the Hurricanes in the first game of the season for both teams.

It will the first game for the New York Islanders without John Tavares on the roster since the 2008-09 season before Tavares was drafted. While the Islanders have lost John Tavares, this will be the first game for the Islanders under head coach Barry Trotz, and General Manager Lou Lamoriello.

The Islanders have a lot to prove this season. The team, which has adopted the motto “Prove People Wrong,” has been cast aside by most analysis, and experts who see the team as a lottery team, with a chance of being the worst team in the Metropolitan Divison.

The Islanders will then be heading home on October 6th, to play the Predators. The Predators will be looking to have a deep season into the playoffs and will look to beat the Islanders in their home opener.

The Islanders will be then playing another team that many predict to win the Stanley Cup in the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks, who lost out on the John Tavares stakes, acquired Erik Karlsson from the Ottowa Senators, who will look to have an impact on his new team early.

Players to look forward to: 

Ryan Pulock-

Pulock is coming off his best season yet. He scored 10 goals last year and is developing to be one of the Islanders top-two defensemen. Pulock tallied five goals in the preseason, including two that he blasted past Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers.

Anthony Beauviller-

Beauviller is coming off a hot second half last season. Beauviller scored 21 goals last season, with a majority of them coming in the second half after his demotion to Bridgeport for a few games. He looks to be playing with Mathew Barzal as linemates. The two had tremendous success together.

Brock Nelson-

Nelson is coming off another 20 goal season, but Brock Nelson needs to score more. The forward, who is in a one-year “prove-it” deal, needs to be much more consistent between scoring. The Islanders need Nelson to produce more in order to be successful. Nelson needs to have a good season, as he is in the market for a contract at the end of the season.



Islanders @ Carolina: 3-2 Carolina

Islanders vs. Nasville: 2-1 Islanders

Islanders vs. Sharks: 4-2 Sharks

Christian Gardecki:

Islanders @ Carolina: 3-1 Islanders

Islanders vs. Nashville: 4-3 Nashville

Islanders vs. Sharks: 5-1 Sharks


Islanders @ Carolina: 3-2 Carolina (OT)

Islanders vs. Nashville: 4-3 Islanders (OT)

Islanders vs. Sharks: 5-1 Sharks


Islanders @ Hurricanes: 6-2 Hurricanes

Islanders vs. Nashville: 4-3 Predators (OT)

Islanders vs. Sharks: 3-2 Islanders (OT)

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