The Islanders Are Rolling and the Fans Are Coming

Spittin’ Chiclets declared the Islanders a “Wagon.”

With a wagon comes the bandwagon fans.

Bandwagon fans appear when any team that is traditionally bad starts to do well. The Golden State Warriors in the NBA are an example of this. Casual fans notice the success and start to turn out in bunches.

So, now that the Islanders are playing well — first in the Metropolitan Division, second in the East, and in the top five of the league in total points — the number of Islanders fans has jumped significantly.

In school, when I walk around, I now see people wearing the blue and orange. The Islanders attendance is up, as well. Saturday, the Islanders attendance at Barclays Center of 14,812 was one of the highest of the season.

Bandwagon fans are an issue of debate in my honest opinion. They show that the team is playing well and that people are starting to notice. However, bandwagon fans take away from the true fans that went and watched games when the team wasn’t good. Ticket prices increase. Trains are more crowded. Food and bathroom lines are longer.

Nonetheless, for the Islanders, having more people care about them is an amazing thing. The national and even the local media are starting to take notice.

So, the more fans the merrier!


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