Destination Hockey Season Two

Destination Hockey: Episode Four with Sean McIndoe and Daren Millard

Free agency is a doozy. But thankfully, Destination Hockey is here to explain!

In a 90-minute special, we took a deep dive into the hockey world. First, I discussed the unfortunate situation of Robin Lehner, a man who could not come to terms with the franchise he loved. Three interviews followed.

Legendary writer Sean McIndoe joined me to explain the folk legend that is July 1. Why are teams so tempted to overpay for talent? Well, general managers may have more in their mind than the teams they put on the ice.

High Point University ESPN broadcaster and Drive 4 Five writer Harris Eisenberg also called in, giving his take on the Islanders offseason. He provided some insight into Lou Lamoriello’s mind, providing a different take on Robin Lehner’s situation.

For the grand finale, hockey TV icon Daren Millard gave his secrets into how he made it to the top of his field. While there, he has established countless contacts, and he told some great stories about them. Shane Doan, Zack Boychuk and Hugh Weber were the topic of conversation, leading to some free agency dialogue. Will the Devils make the playoffs? What were the Wild and Penguins doing on July 1? Is the Rangers’ rebuild over? Plus, Millard gave an interesting take on Lehner.

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As the Islanders drive 4 five Stanley Cups, we will have you covered along the way. Stay tuned for all things Islanders as we embark on this hard-fought journey.

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