Where Do Some Islanders Rank in Their Draft Classes?

The New York Islanders have some players who have played in many games, scored many goals, passed the puck a lot, was on the ice for goals (on either side), or took too many penalties, as well as goalies who played in many games, won many games, saved a lot of pucks, and allowed a lot of goals. Some people may have the question, where do Islanders players rank in comparison to the rest of their draft class in Games, Goals, Assists, Points, +/-, Penalty Minutes, Wins, Save Percentage and Goals Against Average? Well, I’ve got the answer to all of your questions. The following stats show where most Islanders ranks in their draft class.

Draft Class of 2001:

Dennis Seidenberg (6th Round, 172nd Overall):

Games: 11th

Goals: 34th

Assists: 18th

Points: 22nd

+/-: 8th

PIM: 30th

Draft Class of 2002:

Johnny Boychuk (2nd Round, 61st Overall):

Games: 30th

Goals: 31st

Assists: 25th

Points: 28th

+/-: 2nd

PIM: 29th

Draft Class of 2003:

Jaroslav Halak (9th Round, 271st Overall):

Games: 3rd

Wins: 2nd

GAA: 7th

SV%: 4th

Draft Class of 2004:

Andrew Ladd (1st Round, 4th Overall):

Games: 2nd

Goals: 3rd

Assists: 8th

Points: 5th

+/-: 13th

PIM: 6th

Thomas Greiss (3rd Round, 94th Overall):

Games: 4th

Wins: 4th

GAA: 7th

SV%: 6th

Draft Class of 2006:

Cal Clutterbuck (3rd Round, 72nd Overall):

Games: 11th

Goals: 19th

Assists: 22nd

Points: 21st

+/-: 79th

PIM: 6th

Draft Class of 2007:

Thomas Hickey (1st Round, 4th Overall):

Games: 26th

Goals: 34th

Assists: 27th

Points: 30th

+/-: 15th

PIM: 33rd

Draft Class of 2008:

Josh Bailey (1st Round, 9th Overall):

Games: 2nd

Goals: 7th

Assists: 6th

Points: 6th

+/-: 103rd

PIM: 20th

Jordan Eberle (1st Round, 22nd Overall):

Games: 10th

Goals: 2nd

Assists: 8th

Points: 3rd

+/-: 98th

PIM: 32nd

Draft Class of 2009:

John Tavares (1st Round, 1st Overall):

Games: 1st

Goals: 1st

Assists: 1st

Points: 1st

+/-: 105th

PIM: 11th

Anders Lee (6th Round, 152nd Overall)

Games: 33rd

Goals: 7th

Assists: 26th

Points: 19th

+/-: 68th

PIM: 21st

Casey Cizikas (4th Round, 92nd Overall):

Games: 22nd

Goals: 29th

Assists: 28th

Points: 27th

+/-: 75th

PIM: 26th

Calvin de Haan (1st Round, 12th Overall):

Games: 40th

Goals: 50th

Assists: 31st

Points: 40th

+/-: 12th

PIM: 40th

Nick Leddy (1st Round, 16th Overall):

Games: 5th

Goals: 25th

Assists: 5th

Points: 10th

+/-: 95th

PIM: 44th

Draft Class of 2010:

Brock Nelson (1st Round, 30th Overall):

Games: 13th

Goals: 10th

Assists: 20th

Points: 17th

+/-: 90th

PIM: 18th

Chris Wagner (5th Round, 122nd Overall)

Games: 49th

Goals: 40th

Assists: 52nd

Points: 49th

+/-: 87th

PIM: 43rd

Brandon Davidson (6th Round, 162nd Overall):

Games: 52nd

Goals: 49th

Assists: 53rd

Points: 54th

+/-: 85th

PIM: 45th

Draft Class of 2011:

Alan Quine (3rd Round, 85th Overall):

Games: 65th

Goals: 61st

Assists: 54th

Points: 57th

+/-: 73rd

PIM: 79th

Scott Mayfield (2nd Round, 34th Overall):

Games: 67th

Goals: 65th

Assists: 52nd

Points: 56th

+/-: 107th

PIM: 26th

Christopher Gibson (2nd Round, 49th Overall):

Games: 5th

Wins: 5th

GAA: 3rd

SV%: 7th

Draft Class of 2012:

Adam Pelech (3rd Round, 65th Overall)

Games: 45th

Goals: 51st

Assists: 45th

Points: 46th

+/-: 63rd

PIM: 46th

Draft Class of 2013:

Ryan Pulock (1st Round, 15th Overall)

Games: 37th

Goals: 30th

Assists: 30th

Points: 32nd

+/-: 64th

PIM: 50th

Draft Class of 2014:

Joshua Ho-Sang (1st Round, 28th Overall)

Games: 36th

Goals: 30th

Assists: 27th

Points: 28th

+/-: 47th

PIM: 31st

Draft Class of 2015:

Mathew Barzal (1st Round, 16th Overall)

Games: 20th

Goals: 12th

Assists: 7th

Points: 8th

+/-: 28th

PIM: 14th

Anthony Beauvillier (1st Round, 28th Overall)

Games: 12th

Goals: 10th

Assists: 13th

Points: 12th

+/-: 13th

PIM: 17th

Draft Class of 2017:

Sebastian Aho (5th Round, 139th Overall)

Games: 3rd

Goals: 3rd

Assists: 3rd

Points: 3rd

+/-: 8th

PIM: 3rd


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