Lou Lamoriello Perfectly Combining Luck and Skill

Luck and skill are two very different things. Lou Lamoriello has both. After leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs in early 2018, Lamoriello has show a keen ability to acquire talent while getting lucky along the way. It all started with Barry Trotz. Trotz had just won a Stanley Cup with the Washington Capitals and was … Continue reading Lou Lamoriello Perfectly Combining Luck and Skill


A Look Back at Jaroslav Halak’s Tenure as an Islander

Former Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak returns to Long Island Tuesday for the first time since signing with the Boston Bruins. After his four-year contract expired this past summer, it wasn't expected for Halak to return to the Islanders. This is for many reasons, whether it was play or treatment by the organization. As the Islanders … Continue reading A Look Back at Jaroslav Halak’s Tenure as an Islander

Islanders 2018 Offseason Recap

Man plans and God laughs.  Recently, I looked back on the first post on Drive4Five, one in which I tried to orchestrate the perfect offseason for the New York Islanders.  It's been over a year now, and things have changed, drastically.  With the regular season now hours away, it's worth looking back on one of … Continue reading Islanders 2018 Offseason Recap

Bye-Bye, Bailey!

As a New York Islanders fan, I am confused and appalled as to why Josh Bailey is not engulfed in trade rumors. If the Islanders are to re-sign John Tavares at the rumored 15-million dollar per year contract he is rumored to command,, there would be no cap space available for Bailey. His current season … Continue reading Bye-Bye, Bailey!