During a Terrible Time, the Golden Knights Will Alleviate Some Pain

Yesterday at 10:00 PST in Las Vegas, a man now identified as Stephen Paddock opened fire from his 32nd floor hotel room at a country music festival. Over 50 people were murdered and at least 500 were injured. It is the deadliest mass shooting in American history. It is a terrible time for the United States of America, as we lost great citizens in a tragic attack.

Shootings have unfortunately become a commonplace in American culture, in a phenomenon we have never seen before. People are able to get guns who should not be able to, and often they make a devastating decision and kill innocent people.

However, during these catastrophes, the American people unify, in a terrific show of pride for one’s country. After 9/11, the New York community rallied around Mike Piazza, as he hit a homerun that ignited a city and made families smile for the first time since the attacks. For the Boston Bombing, the Red Sox went on a fantastic run that ended in a World Series Championship that had even some Yankees fans rooting for them.

Sports almost seem to serve as therapy, and in this terrible time for Las Vegas, the Golden Knights will give much needed comfort to a city that needs it.

When the Knights play their first game on Tuesday, October 10th, against the Arizona Coyotes, fans will be able to come together as a city. The moment of silence prior to the game will honor the victims, and the play on the ice will be able to distract a city that has only grieved during the previous week.

The Golden Knights may have never played a regular season game, but already they will be counted on to lift up the spirits of an entire city. As Islanders fans, let’s wish our west coast foes luck and root for them during this tough time.


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