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Drive4Five Sound Tigers Meet and Greet: Episode 2: “Scott Eansor and Casey Bailey”

Welcome back to another episode of the Drive4Five Sound Tigers Meet and Greet series! This month, we had the pleasure of talking to rising Sound Tiger star, Scott Eansor, as well as Casey Bailey. We talked to the boys inside the arena, after the Sound Tigers 2-1 victory over the Springfield Thunderbirds this past Sunday.

Cover Photo by Andy Gardecki.

This month’s guests: Scott Eansor and Casey Bailey.

Scott Eansor Background: I grew up all over the United States. Then we resided in Colorado, and I started playing hockey when I was 3 years old. I played in the Western Hockey League in Seattle. And this is my rookie season.

Casey Bailey Background: I’m Casey Bailey, I’m from Anchorage, Alaska. Spent my whole childhood there. When I was 17, I went off to British Columbia, where I played two years in the BCHL. Then transferred over to the USHL, then went to college at Penn State. Out of college, I signed with the Leafs. Then I got traded to Ottawa, and this year I am here in Bridgeport.

Q: Scott, obviously as we may know, you played last year in Seattle, and you guys won the WHL. And you played with a certain player that is up with the Islanders named Mathew Barzal. What was it like playing with him, and then going to training camp this year with him? 

SE: It was good; me and Matty are good friends. We played four years together and it’s great to see the success he’s having up there. And it was a great experience to win the WHL as well.

Q: Now Scott, with you being from Colorado and with there being two historic schools there, were you recruited by those two schools? Or had thought of those schools? 

SE: Yeah, I was recruited my freshman year in High School to go play at Denver, but I had a lot of injuries. I was going to choose another school, but a lot of injuries and surgeries as a young kid changed my path. Then I went to Seattle, and never looked back.

Q: For both of you,  who were your favorite hockey players growing up, and right now? 

CB:  Growing up, I was a huge fan of Steve Yzerman. I was a big Red Wings fan.

SE: Same.

Q: Favorite Arena so far that you have played in?

CB: TD Garden. Great atmosphere.

SE: Canada vs US in the World Juniors was pretty cool in Helsinki.

Q: Any other sports that you would take up, if you did not play hockey?

CB: Baseball.

SE: I would’ve skied or played lacrosse.

Q: Casey, What was it like to play with Andrew Hammond, after his huge success?

CB: Well, that was before I got there, but he’s a great goalie, and a great guy who is working hard to get back up to the NHL.

Q: Who are you guys rooming with, on the road and at home? 

CB: On the road, we’re actually roommates together. Here, I’m with my Girlfriend.

SE: Yeah, on the road, I’m with MDC [Michael Dal Colle] and Sanger [Josh Ho-Sang] when he’s down here.

Q: What are your nicknames?

SE: It’s simple, it’s Eans.

CB: Bails.

Q: Now Casey, how do you feel being part of, what many consider to be a pioneering group of Penn State Hockey players, to play in D1 for them? Especially with guys like you and Eamon [McAdam]?

CB: I feel very attached to that program, I follow them and I’m very close with Coach Gadowsky. Yeah, and it is a great program, and it feels great to start them up, especially with the recent success they have had.

Q: A young fan asks, “Have you guys lost any teeth?”

Bailey smiles as his front teeth are missing.

CB: Yeah, lost a couple teeth last season in February. Took a stick to the face from a teammate in practice.

Q: Now Scott, do you think playing in more of an NHL-like schedule, helps your development as a player? 

SE: It isn’t much different from the CHL. We play 72 games, plus playoffs. But yeah, it helped me develop. The WHL is the hardest league to travel. Sometimes traveling in 20-hour bus rides.

Q: What do you guys like to do in your down time?

SE: Golf.

CB: Hangin’ out with the guys.

Q: Music Genre in the locker room?

CB: Country.

SE: Country.

Q: Last month, we asked Seth and Ryan who is the jokester in the room? They had no answer. Who really is it?

Both: Helgy. [Helgeson]

Q: Scott, a couple of years ago, you represented the U.S. in the World Juniors. What was that like? Did you ever train with Coach’s son, Tage?

SE: Yeah, I was a bubble guy. That was a lot of fun. No, I did not play with Tage. He came a year after. I saw him play, and he really looked like a strong player.

Q: Casey, what was it like, watching Coach, and your hometown Alaska Aces win the Kelly Cup? And did you know him at all?

CB: I think I was around then, I knew of his history there. Didn’t interact with him a lot, but knew some guys on the team. I used to love watching the Aces play. Too bad they are gone.


Special Thanks to Scott, and Casey for taking time after the win to talk to the Booster Club, and talk to us! And once again, Thanks to the Booster Club, for allowing us to get these interviews.

Scott Eansor, and Casey Bailey, with members of the Booster Club. Photo: Andy Gardecki

Long Time Sound Tigers season ticket holder, has been going to games since he was 3 months old, and has been apart of the franchise ever since!

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