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February Monthly Report

The Islanders move into the month of March on a low. The chances of them making a playoff spot are that much slimmer, and it seems as if the team is taking steps backward rather than forward. Before I dive in to the negative of the team, I always like to start on a positive note.

First of all, the Islanders got rid of Jason Chimera, and in turn received a penalty killing forward from the Ducks, Chris Wagner. This was good news to many Islanders fans, especially the ones who could not stand Jason Chimera (me included). Jason Chimera also took up more cap space, so the Islanders were also able to free up some money in the trade as well. Other than this, the Islanders only made one other trade in a trade deadline that seemed to be filled with trades. They acquired Brandon Davidson from the Oilers for a third round pick. This trade was a weak attempt by Garth Snow to improve the insanely weak defense corps of the Isles. With the team not looking like they will make the playoffs, this may have just been a waste of a draft pick.

The only other positives that the Islanders seem to have right now are the re-signing of Josh Bailey and Mat Barzal continuing to light things up for the Islanders. Josh Bailey resigned with the Islanders for six more years for 30 million dollars. In my opinion, this was a great contract extension that benefited both sides. Now that Bailey is locked up, you would hope that Tavares is even more encouraged to stay with the team. Also, Mat Barzal continues to light up the league with his play, and it seems as if he is joining the league’s elite with his speed. While these things are positive, there are a lot of negatives to go over about the team. (I’ll try to just hit the high points to save you guys some reading)

Obviously, the fact that the Islanders are not in a playoff spot as of today is the biggest issue. However, I don’t think people realize how big of an issue this is. Though I hate to admit it, the Islanders time to win is starting to run out, in fact, if Tavares does not resign, it will be all but over for them. The Islanders are trying to prove that Tavares has a chance of winning on Long Island, and if I were him, I would not see it whatsoever. If Tavares leaves, the Islanders will plummet into a dark hole, and fans may have to wait even longer for them to get out. That is why the Islanders need to make the playoffs at least, but even that may not be enough.

Another issue is mismanagement. By that I mean, Garth Snow and Doug Weight. These two buffoons (yes, they are buffoons) have put the Islanders in the position they are in right now, and I have no reason to believe that they will get us out. Snow and Weight both should have been fired already, but if they don’t make the playoffs, they should definitely be fired. Ownership needs to realize that enough is enough, and the Islanders need to be managed correctly for them to ever get out of this hole that they seem to never get out of. I simply just don’t understand how only a couple playoff appearances and one playoff win can still leave a GM with his job for such an extensive period of time.

To conclude my monthly report, I did want to mention the “Snow Must Go” billboards up in New York. The team is at the point where people are spending their own money on billboards in New York, just to get their GM out of his position. If nothing says Snow needs to be out more than that, I’m not too sure what does.

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