Message to Jon Ledecky: Pick it Up, Or Shut Up

Let’s go back in time to the 2017-2018 regular season. It’s March 3rd, and the Islanders are playing the Montreal Canadiens at Barclays Center. Now this is the time in which the Islanders are right in the middle of their collapse. The Islanders are about to lose their fifth game in a row, but somebody important is walking around the suite level and seems to think nothing is wrong. In fact, I went up to this man to introduce myself say some kind words, and he says back “boy this team (Montreal) stinks. I hope we don’t blow it.” This somebody is Jon Ledecky.

Now, Ledecky does deserve some praise for the things that he has done off the ice. But he seems to be non-existent when it comes to on ice moves. It amazes fans like me that an owner can just walk around and greet fans, when the team has not won a game in two weeks.

Since Ledecky and company took over the majority stake of the Islanders on July 1st, 2016, his main focus has been the arena situation. He was able to fix this problem by picking Belmont Park as the site of the future home of the team. This happened in December, when the team actually spent some time in first place in the Metropolitan Division.

Fast forward now to Febuary, and the Islanders are three points out of a Playoff spot. The deadline comes and who did they get? Brandon Davidson and Chris Wagner. These are two guys that were scratches half-the-time they were here.

Now most of this falls on the GM, but if Ledecky is one of the owners and oversees managerial decisions, how can he approve of this after two years of not making Deadline deals? This makes you question if Ledecky really cares about the on ice product, or if he is just a face.

Ledecky needs to realize that he has already won over the fans. But they will soon turn on him if no moves are made. You never saw Charles Wang just walking around on the concourse did you? So here is a message to Jon Ledecky; start focusing on the on ice product. The off-ice stuff is settled, and makes some moves.

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