Drive4Five Has Joined Discord!

Here at Drive4Five, we are making it even easier to talk to not only other readers and followers but to us, the writers, too! Today, we are officially opening the Drive4Five Discord channel! Discord is an online chat room where you can discuss any topic with a select group of others. For instance, you can rant about Andrew Ladd’s contract in a different place than other fans are praising Lou Lamoriello. You will be able to get notifications regarding our newest articles, when to tune in to Destination Hockey, and much more, but, the part that all of us here at Drive4Five are most excited for is the opportunity to communicate with you guys easier. We will be posting polls, discussing the games, and even giving you guys the chance to talk to us via voice chat Q&A sessions!

In order to join the Drive4Five Discord channel, type in the link click it right there) and it’s as simple as that! Well, what are you waiting for? Join the chat and participate in discussions about Lou, Tavares, the coaching vacancy, the draft, and much more!


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