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Destination Hockey: Episode 29 with James Duffy and Arthur Staple

Destination Hockey has sadly come to an end after a wild ride that included 29 episodes and 35 interviews. In just a short span of eight months, we reached almost 100,000 listeners across the entire world. Even though the show was recorded in Western New Jersey, I am proud with how many people tuned in.

Thank you so much for listening to the show. This would have never been possible without the listeners, and I will be looking to continue the show at some point in the future at college. Please listen to the last five minutes of the show for the rest of my closing remarks.

Also in the episode, I spoke with #SnowMustGo billboard founder James Duffy to talk about his thoughts on the Islanders and his movement that he started last year. Additionally, Arthur Staple joined me and he certainly had some interesting things to say, including entertaining the idea of trading Jordan Eberle and Anders Lee and giving up some juicy details about John Tavares’ wedding.

Please listen to the episode by clicking here, and be sure to listen to my other episodes!

Thank you guys!


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