Sound Tigers Meet and Greet: Season 2, Episode 2 with Matt Lorito and Kyle Burroughs

Welcome back to another edition of the Drive 4 Five Meet & Greet series. This episode we have Matt Lorito and co-captain Kyle Burroughs, who both joined us in the Harbor Club following the 7-3 win over Charlotte.

Lorito is in his first season with Bridgeport, while Burroughs is in his fourth. Lorito won a Calder Cup in 2017 with Grand Rapids.

Q: Matt, how does it feel to be back after missing half of the season? [Lorito had just joined the team the prior week.]

ML: Really good, obviously it was a long time coming. Long time since the surgery I had. The guys are great. They welcomed me from day 1.

Q: Matt, when you started in NJ, Lou drafted you right?

ML: Chris [Lamoriello] signed me out of college at Brown University. That really made me want to come here when I found out they were interested in me. Knowing Chris, Helgy, and Sislo.

Q: Kyle, this year you were named Co-Captain with Ben Holmstrom. What was it like being named captain?

KB: It was an honor, showing how the coaches look down at me. It’s been so fun with Ben and me being around him in the last 4 years. It made an easy transition. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Q: How does that work? Obviously, when on the ice, one of you wears the “C.” How does it work in the room? Does Ben take the lead?

KB: It kind of depends. We’re both pretty vocal guys. If he’s wearing it, or I’m wearing, nothing really changes. We’re both here for a reason. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a “C” or an “A”. We obviously want to push each other, but it might come from someone else.

Q: Thoughts on Zack Stortini? [Who was going after Bridgeport players at the end of this game]

KB: It’s kind of the player he is. He’s been around for a while. Anytime you can keep a player like that on the ice. It’s hard to answer because it’s more at the moment.

Q: Kyle, what was your take on Charlotte pulling the goalie down by two goals with 7 minutes left?

KB: It’s kind of a new trend. More and more teams are starting to do it in the NHL. You do that by trying to score and winning the draw.

Q: Since you guys have won a ridiculous number of home games this season. We’ve rarely seen you in a situation where things aren’t going well. How is the team coming together? We knew to come into the season with all these guys coming in.

KB: Yeah, the way things have been in the past. It’s been good to have guys who’ve been around like Chris and Matt. A lot of our personality is fast. Just a bunch of guys who are here and want to win. We’re having a lot of fun. It has been our mindset to come back after a tough game.

Q: Who was your influence on you playing hockey?

Both: My dad.

Q: Now both of you have been on successful teams, obviously Matt with Grand Rapids in 2017, and Kyle here in 2016. How does this current Sound Tiger team stack up against those teams?

KB: I like our team this year because we have a lot of older guys and depth. No matter who’s in the lineup it is an impressive team. You can look at a game like tonight. Up against a top team like Charlotte. We just have confidence in each other. I think in 2016 we lacked a little bit of scoring and depth. But we have a highly skilled team here. We’re having a lot of fun.

ML: Yeah, I think our teams are pretty similar. Our D core here is arguably better than the one we had in GR. Every pair is solid. I think our forwards with 4 good lines who can chip in easily. We got a good mix of younger guys and older guys. We got guys who can do the stuff that goes unnoticed; killing penalties, blocking shots. I think we have a good mix. And also with how close we are off the ice. I remember in GR we all got along really well. I think here it is the same.

Q: Kyle, when does the coach tell you when you are captain? Morning skate, or before the game.

KB: It’s usually just if Ben’s not playing, I’ll wear it. If Ben’s playing, he’ll wear it. It’s usually just when it gets to the game.

Q: Jokester in the room?

Both: Helgy. [Seth Helgeson]

Q: Who controls the music, and what is played?

KB: Jonesy, he plays a little bit of everything, on practices it would be country. Game days would be more upbeat.

Q: Favorite Podcast?

ML: Spittin’ Chiclets.

Q: Favorite Color?

Both: Blue.

Thanks to Matt and Kyle for sitting down with us after the 3-in-3 weekend! Also a big shoutout to the Booster Club for once again helping us with these. If you are looking for Sound Tigers tickets, use code drive4five on SeatGeek for $20 off your first purchase! Contact us with any questions!



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