A Captain in Every Way: Thank You Anders Lee

Had you left, I was prepared to thank you for your time on the Island. I could not be more glad that this will not come true. However, here is the letter anyway, just so your impact could be summarized.

Dear Anders,

Very rarely does someone do everything right, on and off the ice. You were the exception.

A well-known net front presence and well-known community servant, there was very little that you didn’t do. Big goals, many of which were tip-ins, defined your game. But on Long Island, we will remember much more.

John Tavares promised to return to the Islanders. Suddenly, he was gone, the captaincy gone with him. In a season where many expected the Islanders to struggle, your team would have none of it.

Many did not expect new coach Barry Trotz to name a captain, but on the first day of the 2018-19 regular season, everything changed. You would wear the C, leading a team on a mission to prove everyone wrong. And prove people wrong you did.

Led by their new captain, the Islanders shocked the world, notching 103 points and a playoff series victory. It was clear that naming a captain had clear positive ramifications on the blue and orange. The locker room was as tight as ever all thanks to the humble attitude that flowed from the top.

Your humble attitude was not present only at the rink. Countless individuals can attest to that. Fenov Pierre-Louis was a hero just like you, and his story inspired us all. Thank you for not just publicizing it, but doing something about it.

The Anders Lee Kan Jam was a highlight of the season. An entire team, fanbase and community came together to support a common cause, raising $334,844 to this date.

All of the proceeds from the Kancer Jam are being donated to children being treated for cancer at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center on Long Island, which is one of the hospitals that our Islanders’ team visits every year.

The event was a lot of fun, and thanks to our fundraisers and donors we raised nearly $100,000 on the day. But the best part? Everybody there got to hear Fenov make another amazing speech. Now they understand what I’ve been saying all along: with all due respect to my Islanders teammates, the pound-for-pound toughest guy I know is none other than my friend Fenov Pierre-Louis.

For 10 years, you have represented the Islanders in the best way. There have been few who have donned the crest in a more honorable fashion.

While it is coming to an end, you will always be an Islander. Good captains represent the organization in the best way, taking an oath to loyally lead through the thick and thin. During this unfortunate time, you still have held yourself like a true professional, a true captain.

When you return to Long Island, there will not be one boo. Just like you did for us, we will be there for you, thanking you for a decade of sacrifice and dedication.

Anders Lee, you are a legend. And legends never die. Your legacy on Long Island will have no negatives. You cemented yourself as a true Islander, up there with the greats. Thank you for letting us join you on the ride.


The Islanders Fanbase


As the Islanders drive 4 five Stanley Cups, we will have you covered along the way. Stay tuned for all things Islanders as we embark on this hard-fought journey.

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