Hard Work and Perseverance: How Pharaoic Builds A Name

In hockey, veterans often scoff at the work ethics and attitudes of younger players. In the real world, a similar theme persists.

The younger generation is often labeled as lazy. But there are many examples of hard-working young adults who have made a name for themselves.

Marko Danial, also known as Pharaoic, is one of those people. Residing and attending school in California, he works in a new field that few understand.

Social media.

Through his work, he connects people, building platforms that span across the world in an effort to better those around him. He informs, he inspires and he influences, creating a life that many dream of. In the world of social media, many kids no longer dream of being an athlete, doctor or lawyer. Instead, they dream to be Tik-Tok famous, Youtube viral or Instagram verified.

On a quest to grow as a person, Pharaoic has grown followings for himself and many clients, earning an income along the way. His story is a unique one, something that will eventually have a prolific ending. Here is what he is doing and has done to achieve that.

It started years ago with an idea.

“A while back, I decided to start a sports account so I could learn more about sports,” Pharaoic said. “One day, I made a video about Kobe Bryant and it went viral. From there, I continued to grow and I then decided to start my own company, Spzrts.”

But one viral video is not enough to build a brand. He worked hard to make sure that was not his only success.

“I eventually created my own website, started making clothing designs and later on expanded my company into marketing,” Pharaoic said. “I run a few accounts for many of my clients, which includes many athletes and sports companies.”

Marko Danial is the founder and CEO of Spzrts, which is a media company that is dedicated to helping athletes all over the world.

With this fame came a need for an identity. What would he be known for? How would he build a legacy? A name that sticks in people’s heads was a start.

“Since I was born in Egypt, I came up with the name Pharaoic, something that represents my identity,” Pharaoic said. “Building an identity is key.”

As well as working with building a digital platform, Pharaoic must live a normal life in the classroom as well. Many struggle with pursuing hobbies and completing day-to-day activities, but not Spzrts CEO Marko Danial.

“I’m also a college student,” Pharaoic said. “That’s why I want to inspire and motivate people, and show that anything is possible. Since I’m currently majoring in engineering, the ultimate goal is to be able to expand Spzrts, later on, and to be able to come up with new inventions and methods to help athletes.” 

This well-rounded study has made Pharaoic an influencer. A unique term, it simply means being in a position to affect others.

“I like the idea of having an influence in the sports world,” Pharaoic said. “Not only do you learn so much more about sports, but I’m able to make connections and talk to a lot of people, including athletes, and at the same time, have fun.”

It has not all been positive, however. Through adversity, Pharaoic has grown as a person, student and businessman.

“Sometimes there are moments where it’s harder to create content or keep up with what I do on social media due to school,” Pharaoic said. “But that’s why it’s important to be good at time management.” 

This life has allowed him to help others, something he does whenever he has the chance. He offers help when other influencers get into trouble or simply just need some advice.

“I always tell my peers to stay consistent,” Pharaoic said. “This has to be something that you do everyday. Most of all, don’t be afraid to message people and reach out. Building those connections is a key. As Kobe Bryant said, ‘I don’t want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.’”

Pharaoic has always looked up to Bryant throughout his career, a role model that has inspired him, just like Pharaoic inspires others.

“We should always be ourselves no matter what and not try to become something that we’re not,” Pharaoic said. “It’s also important that we try to become a better version of ourselves every single day as well as work harder, and keep pushing through the struggles. Although [Bryant] is gone, his legacy and inspiration will live on forever.” 

Bryant’s legacy and prophetic teachings reflect into the world of social media more than many think. 

“Many influencers try to portray a different image of themselves on social media platforms,” Pharaoic said. “People try to show off their successes in order to make themselves look cool.”

Building an identity is key, but that identity must be legitimate and honest. In the world of social media, many people embellish their personas, but Pharaoic strives to be himself.

New York Islanders star forward Mathew Barzal may only be 22-years-old. But he is already the best player on his team. Pharaoic may only be a college student, but he is already making a name for himself.

And at the end of the day, hard work is the compass that guides him and Spzrts to success.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something,” Pharaoic said. “You can achieve anything as long as you work hard for it and never give up.”

Marko Danial can be followed on Twitter at @Pharaoic. He is the founder of Spzrts.

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