It Is Time For The Fisherman Jerseys To Be Reborn


Late last year, the New York Islanders released fifteen hat designs all revolving the infamous fisherman jerseys. They featured logo and similar concepts the team used from the 1995-1997 seasons.

The logo itself has always sparked debates on whether or not the team should consider bringing it back, which the closet the team has been to bringing the logo back was when the 2014-15 New York Islanders wore the logo during warmups and auctioned those jerseys off a few seasons ago.

The Islanders also are currently selling Fanatics versions of the original “Fisherman Jersey” and with all the hats they have recently released the possibility of them bringing the jersey back as an alternate or a similar concept of it is as real as ever.

But should they? After all the terrible seasons the Islanders had on and off the ice with those jerseys some fans would prefer to have the logo locked away as it is seen as a massive thorn in the New York Islanders entire history.

This is not the right idea, however. Fans should embrace the past, even the bad history, and be okay with a fisherman jersey.

Enough is enough. It is time for the Islanders to bring back the fisherman jerseys out once again.

History is an interesting idea. Should you learn from the past or embrace the events that transpired? In the case of the Islanders, everyone can embrace there were bad times. Those hardships and struggles are the backbone of this team and the reason why they are where they are today. Without these memories, there is no Barry Trotz. No Mat Barzal. None of the success the team is experiencing today.

That is why the time has finally come. Bring back the fisherman jerseys.

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