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Lauren Rodych-Eberle On A Mission To Inspire Others

Life is a beautiful thing. There are so many wonderful roads one can choose to take, all leading to a different future. It is about the journey, not the destination, and Lauren Rodych-Eberle is embarking on a successful narrative stacked full of wonderful chapters.

There are many aspects to that story. Rodych-Eberle teaches voice, piano, ukulele and preschool classes based out of Calgary and via Skype. She also is a chef, with two published cookbooks, while running a successful website. With a strong work ethic and a great attitude, she inspires others and spreads positivity to all in everything she does.

“I am so thankful,” Rodych-Eberle said. “I love having my own thing, especially something I can do anywhere, which is a priority for me.”

Lauren Rodych-Eberle owns Miss Lauren’s Music Studio.

Working with so many people can be difficult, but Rodych-Eberle handles her responsibility effectively and efficiently. Her business is thriving, thanks in part to a beautiful website and strong social media presence.

“Writing and reading are about education,” Rodych-Eberle said. “Being proficient in both can take you anywhere. It helps so much in getting your message across and communicating with people on any platform.”

Rodych-Eberle also values the ability to communicate long-distance with her clients.

This is especially crucial given her circumstances. As the wife of Canadian World Junior legend and New York Islanders star forward Jordan Eberle, she needs to adapt quickly. For example, Jordan Eberle was traded to the Islanders from the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday, June 22, a monumental day for his family.

Jordan Eberle was traded for Ryan Strome.

Instead of viewing experiences like these as a negative, Rodych-Eberle keeps a glass-half-full attitude.

“Traveling is one of my favorite things,” Rodych-Eberle said. “I’m not as much for material things. Instead, I like experiences and that is one of my favorites.”

Now on Long Island, the future is not only positive, but secure. Eberle signed a five-year contract with the Islanders, locking up his place long-term with the franchise. 

“That five-year deal was super important,” Rodych-Eberle said. “I want a place I already felt comfortable in. Even just knowing where the location of the grocery store is huge. Long Island truly feels like home away from home.”

Lauren Rodych-Eberle writes travel guides on her website.

In her new home, Rodych-Eberle has been able to refocus her perspectives. Settling down after her husband’s stint on the Oilers, music is a compass that helps guide her.

“Music has been my passion throughout my entire life,” Rodych-Eberle said. “I got a degree in music from the University of Calgary and it led to me teaching.”

Rodych-Eberle teaches many clients, but one stands out from the rest. An already great marriage got even better thanks to the gift that keeps on giving.


Along with being a musician, Lauren Rodych-Eberle is a Senior Consultant for Pampered Chef.

“I bought Jordan a guitar for his birthday and he has fallen in love with it,” Rodych-Eberle said. “It is so special that we can have that bond.”

Whether it is music or hockey, the high-school sweethearts are a dynamic pair — a pair so dynamic, they unite as one.

“I have always loved music and Jordan has always loved hockey,” Rodych-Eberle said. “We are both so supportive of each other and work together on our goals.”

Jordan Eberle and Lauren Rodych-Eberle met in high school.

Thus, the Islanders have become a large part of Rodych-Eberle’s life as well. Her new blue and orange family includes everyone from the moment they enter New York.

“Literally the second a new player joins the team, we are given the player’s phone number so we can send them a welcome message,” Rodych-Eberle said.  “We help them with schools, places to live and everything they need to transition into their new stage of their life.”

This creates a special bond. With veteran leaders and talented young players, the Islanders are a great product on and off the ice.

“It has been such a consistent team for so long,” Rodych-Eberle said. “Everyone knows each other for so long and supports each other. We are a beautiful family.”

Jordan Eberle and Lauren-Rodych Eberle enjoy giving back to the community.

Like they do in all aspects of their life, the Eberles share their interests and passions. So when Jordan Eberle found his new home on Long Island, Rodych-Eberle was thrilled the fit was right.

“The Islanders are Jordan’s teammates,” Rodych-Eberle said. “Therefore, it is a big part of our family and I am so grateful to be here long-term. That is so important for us.”

To make things even better, the Islanders have a new arena situation that ends years of uncertainty and hardship. For the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs and 2020-21 season, all regular-season home games will be played at NYCB LIVE, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Then, they will have a full-time home at Belmont Park.

“The Islanders playing all their games at the Barn next year is amazing,” Rodych-Eberle said. “It is such good news. You can drive to the game and have your kids in their own car seats. There are so many more engaged fans and it is so much easier to get to.”

Jordan Eberle tallied nine points in eight playoff games last season.

The full circle is complete. After coming to Long Island, the Eberles were welcomed with open arms, found their niche in the community and are thriving in all aspects of life.

But life is never stagnant. Especially not for Lauren Rodych-Eberle. The journey is ongoing and the next chapter is shaping up to be even better than the last.

“I will continue teaching. I want to write another cookbook, keep growing my website and keep traveling,” Rodych-Eberle said. “The future is bright.”

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