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Long Island Hockey Co. Gives Back to Local Community

Adversity is a staple of life. Everybody experiences hardship in some way, but those use it as motivation can triumph over the challenges they face.

Long Island Hockey Co. was born on Long Island and is made for those who love Long Island culture, clothing and design. Co-owners Rachel Bennett and her husband, Mike, have roots in the area, owning Amity Harbor Sports and The Rinx Pro Shop with their family. But when COVID-19 hit, their stores were closed and business was halted.

Long Island Hockey Co. Perseveres

When all hope seemed lost, they fought onward.

“COVID-19 hit all of us hard,” Rachel Bennett said. “ We felt helpless. But we couldn’t just sit back and watch. We knew we had a platform and wanted to use it to support our Long Island Community.”

After living in Arizona for a short time, the Bennetts returned to Long Island and founded Long Island Hockey Co.

Bennett decided they could make an impact, helping those who need it most. With food bank donations decreasing by 60% during the pandemic but food insecurity at an all-time high, she realized her calling.

“The pandemic is impacting communities across the globe,” Bennett said. “Over the last six weeks, more than 233,000 Long Islanders have filed jobless claims. With unemployment comes food insecurity, and we knew that as two individuals, we needed to call on our community to come together to support one another.”

The company pledged to donate 50 meals for each online hat purchase. 75 orders later and 3,750 people in need were fed.

“Long Island Hockey Co. is a collection of people who love hockey on Long Island,” Bennett said. “Instead of being competitors, we want the region to come together and unite under great causes.”

With hats, the Bennetts made a difference.

The Next Milestone for Long Island Hockey Co.

With a recent successful philanthropic campaign behind them, Long Island Hockey Co. is pushing forward. For their next mission, they are giving the gift of hockey to those who need it most.

“Our next fundraiser is a partnership with the Peconic Hockey Foundation (PHF),” Bennett said. “$5 from every purchase of our limited edition fundraiser t-shirt will be donated to PHF to support their mission to grow the game of hockey on Long Island.”

The Peconic Hockey Foundation seeks to grow hockey on Long Island through scholarships, training and other programs.

In a community, everybody should be valued and cared for. Using their platform, Bennett and her team seek to uplift struggling individuals around them.

“We are helping Long Island,” Bennett said. “At the end of the day, this is the stuff that feels good. We are humans with one life, and we have a responsibility to help others.”

All About the Long Island Hockey Community

Money is always important for a company, but fostering a community allows a business to become so much more.

Long Island Hockey Co. was founded on Veterans Day — also the Bennetts’ wedding anniversary — with a fundraiser benefitting a Long Island veterans’ nonprofit. They helped hungry people during one of the world’s most difficult times. Now, they are helping youth play the sport they love.

It is all about community for the Bennetts.

Guided by a strong set of values, Long Island Hockey Co. has a consumer-first approach. And when deciding their next step, the Bennetts always ask themselves one question.

“We always ask ourselves, ‘what are the needs of Long Islanders right now?’” Bennett said. “We utilize our platform and dedicate our content to helping Long Island.”

So, next time you are looking to support a local company that reinvests in you, look no further than Long Island Hockey Co.

Check out their website for exclusive items that benefit the Long Island community: Click here!

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