Destination Belmont Park

This narrative has been chronicled for a very long time. But finally, the Islanders are home. The history between arena problems and the team started back in 2004 when the Lighthouse Project was established. The Lighthouse Project was created to help renovate the third oldest arena in the Nation Hockey League, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. … Continue reading Destination Belmont Park

Great Scott

Top All-Time Destinations for the Islanders

Sam Miller of ESPN wrote an article recently discussing his top baseball destinations of the future. As a huge science fiction nerd, and someone who, given the chance, would travel to the past, this article will be about the top destinations for Islander fans to go if they had a time machine. But you don't … Continue reading Top All-Time Destinations for the Islanders

Year #2 of Two Arenas

Every year towards the end of June, the NHL schedule is released. Fans are always excited to see when their team will be playing their rivals and other opponents. But for Islanders fans, it’s not just when, it’s where. Last year was the first year that the Islanders split time between the Barclays Center and … Continue reading Year #2 of Two Arenas