Islanders Faithful Disrespected Yet Again

Islanders fans are used to being disrespected and forgotten by the hockey world. From fans mocking the Islanders low attendance numbers to Islanders players being underrated compared to the rest of the NHL, the Islanders are an afterthought.

That was reaffirmed today.

NBCSN released its schedule for its nationally televised games this year today, and the Islanders received only two games. While this is an increase from last year’s total of one, it is still significantly less than the Rangers who have 14 games this year.

This is just another case of the national media disrespecting the Islanders. After the Islanders defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in John Tavares’s first game back at Nassau Coliseum, the Toronto and Canadian media called the Islander faithful “classless.”

But perhaps even worse, both of these national games are Barclays Center. After the success that the Islanders had last season, especially at Nassau Coliseum, it would have been almost expected that NBC showcase the Islander fanbase at its strongest.

Instead they chose to show it at its worst.

And while having less nationally televised games gives Islanders fans the treat of listening to Brendan Burke, Butch Goring, Shannon Hogan and the rest of the MSG crew, NBC and the national hockey media continue to make a mockery of the Islanders.

Let’s not forget what NBC did last season. During the Islander-Hurricane series in the playoffs, NBC gave the series to the Hurricanes announcer, John Forslund. Forslund did try to be as unbiased as possible and he is a fantastic broadcaster, but it still was upsetting to the Islander fans.

Last season, during the playoffs, many fans were able to see what the Islander fanbase is all about. From singing songs like “Hey Josh Bailey”, hockey fans began to see what the Islander fans base was all about when they play where they belong: on Long Island.

What could have been another eye-opener to many hockey fans, to see an Islanders fan base that cares and cheers for its team, will ultimately result in Islanders fans being disrespected again.

Two national broadcasts. Both at Barclays Center. A recipe for disaster.


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